Yamaha’s history dates back to its initial organ and piano manufacturing operation in the 1800s. Yamaha Music is now largely separate from their motorcycle division, but the sound of a Yamaha dirt bike is still music to our ears. Today, they’re one of the most iconic dirt bike and motorcycle manufacturers. They’re also one of Japan’s largest companies. 

You can trust Yamaha products—after all, they’ve been making dirt bikes since before most of us were born. Yamaha first began making motorcycles after World War II, and they relied heavily on the existing infrastructure from wartime defense production. In 1968, they built their first dirt bike, the Yamaha DT-1. As one of the first dirt bikes ever made in a factory, the DT-1 gained worldwide popularity and helped inspire generations of riders to develop a love for off-road riding. Today, Yamaha continues to lead the way—their YZ 450 and YZ 65 continue to attract riders worldwide. 

At Valley Cycle Center, we’re proud to have an excellent new Yamaha dirt bike inventory. As the Yamaha dirt bike dealer Winchester has always loved, you’ll be sure to find a new dirt bike that meets your needs. Below, we’ve put together a guide to some of the technological features of these cool bikes. We know you’ll be as impressed as we’ve always been. 

yamaha dirt bike

The Engineering of a Yamaha Dirt Bike

Yamaha’s engine features have been one of their greatest strengths—and they’ve continued to innovate since producing one of the first dirt bikes in the 1960s. Yamaha dirt bikes feature a lightweight aluminum frame, making for an incredibly smooth ride and maximum off-road versatility. With a lightweight lithium battery and a bilateral beam that centers both the engine and fuel tank, Yamaha dirt bikes are known for their great handling. 

With electric start capability, Yamaha dirt bikes are much easier to start than traditional kick start dirt bikes. Plus, if you stall or find yourself needing to restart your bike quickly, electric starters are much easier to navigate. 

In the 1980s, Yamaha implemented important improvements to the traditional two-stroke engine when they introduced the two-stroke power valve system. The power valve maximizes power and torque, making sure riders have a lot more fun on the trails. 

Yamaha’s reed valve inducted engine maximizes the durability of their bikes because it prevents against the backwashing of fuel and air into the intake system. This makes Yamaha dirt bike engines run smoother and protects your engine over the long term. 

Yamaha also equips their dirt bikes with fully adjustable KYB shocks. Riders know that the KYB shock is one of the best in the world, keeping you safe and comfortable even on the bumpiest of rides. 

Yamaha Power Tuner App

With the Yamaha Power Tuner App, Yamaha has brought dirt bikes into the 21st century. The app can load map files directly and easily make fueling and ignition timing changes on your bike. New Yamaha dirt bikes come equipped with onboard WiFi, which connects the app to the bike. The 2020 models feature dual-mode switchable engine mapping.

Yamaha Racing 

Team Yamaha Blue, Yamaha’s factory racing team, features riders who have seen national success. They’ve placed highly in regional championships and have partnered with Monster Energy to create a truly recognizable brand. Many riders love to rock Yamaha blue gear when they hit the trails on a Yamaha dirt bike.

Finding the Right Yamaha Dirt Bike

The new 2019 Yamaha and 2020 Yamaha models don’t disappoint. If you’re looking to ride and be seen on a Yamaha dirt bike Winchester will love, you can find one in our new Yamaha inventory at Valley Cycle Center

For more than 50 years, Yamaha has led the way in dirt bike technology and engineering. We’re proud to bring this high-quality brand to Winchester, and we love hearing from our customers who really love these outstanding bikes. 

If you’re looking to elevate your ride with a high-quality, affordable dirt bike, stop by our showroom in Winchester. We’ll help you find a dirt bike from this iconic brand that will transform your experience.

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